Official Press Release

Team Rentería USA, organizer and promoter of the Intercontinental Baseball Series, announced today that the event scheduled to take place at the Edgar Rentería stadium in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia, from January 26 to January 1 February 2024, has been cancelled for reasons beyond its control.

The participating leagues, teams and entities have expressed their support and commitment for the Series to be played, however, the Colombian Ministry of Sports, together with the Colombian Olympic Committee, issued a statement stating that it was not possible to endorse the tournament for reasons that include the non-recognition of the FEPCUBE team, which is one of the participating teams.

Team Renteria USA, as organizer of the tournament, will work hand in hand with the affiliated leagues to carry out the Series in another country.

Those who purchased their tickets will be refunded 100 percent of the price. of the value.

The mission of Team Renteria USA is to organize, promote and advertise events that contribute to the growth of baseball.

Barranquilla, January 16, 2024.

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